What is Diet Daybook?

Diet Daybook is a simple way to keep track of your weight and what you eat, whether you are doing Atkins, keto or just need to count your calories.

The idea for Diet Daybook started as easy way for me and my son to track what we were eating every day and how that affected our weight. I have done Atkins and the ketogenic diet very successfully in the past losing 90 pounds in just 8 months. It however required me to use a spreadsheet to track my carbs, calories, fats, proteins and weight!

No more! With Diet Daybook you can select the nutrients you want to keep track of and set limits for yourself. Then after you eat you can add the nutrients and Diet Daybook will tally them for you and let you know how much more you can have for the day.

In addition to that you can add your weight daily and view a graphical representation of your weight versus the nutrients you have consumed. This provides a great way to spot why a dramatic loss or gain may have happened. A person’s weight does fluctuate all the time but being able to spot changes over longer periods of time can be very helpful.

Weight loss can be a real struggle and I hope this app can aid you or someone you love in achieving their weight loss goals. Remember… stay positive and believe in yourself!